1. athens, greece.

  2. the journey home, morocco, africa. 

  3. Hill Street Blues coffeeshop, amsterdam. 

  4. Krka national park, Croatia. One of the most breathtaking places i’ve ever been. 

  5. when the sun sets in morocco, the souks become a completely different world as handmade lanterns light up the desert and tourists breathe in the crisp african air and the city remains just as alive and bustling as it was all day long. 

  6. The Grand Canyon, Arizona

  7. the city that has my heart. choosing to live in amsterdam for the past six months was easily the best decision i ever made. such a charming city with so much to see and offer it’s visitors. when most people think of amsterdam, their mind immediately wanders to the legalized marijuana, as mine did before i got to actually go there. after six months i can safely say that though the legal weed and coffeeshops are a perk, they in absolutely no respect adequately represent or define the city or the dutch people. the dutch, straightforward and direct, are fascinating. the canals will make you fall in love every time you bike across them. i’ll be back someday, amsterdam. 

  8. When you’re a little kid you play in the woods because its there. As we get older, we don’t take the time to play in the woods because things like work and school and social lives get in the way. take the time to play in the woods. 

  9. Berlin Street Art

    First three are taken from the East Side Gallery of the Berlin Wall

    (Source: eroomeizzil)

  10. Ciiffs of Moher, Ireland.

    (Source: eroomeizzil)